May 3, 2009

Google street view: The Promenade des Anglais

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Here you can see the Promenade des Anglais on google street view.
(I found out that sometimes it is not visible in internet explorer all the time, then you can open this site in another browser like firefox. Or more simply, click above on View Larger Map to open google street view in a new window.)

On the right you can see the apartment building in which our 3 bedroom apartment is situated. It has beautiful sea views, a big balcony / terrace with a garden set for 6 people and is situated only a small walking distance to the centre of town. With the arrows on the upper left of google street view you can watch the whole Promenade which is 7 kilometres long. Click on the icon on the upper right to watch google street view in full screen. You only have to cross the road at this zebra crossing to go to the beach. On the left you can see that there is an access to the beach without stairs to accommodate those having difficulties with taking stairs. Interested to rent our apartment for holiday / vacation? Go to our website:

View from the terrace. You can see the zebra crossing again. Click on this picture for better views

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