May 1, 2009

The 10 most remarkable items on the Prom. Coming on 1: The blue chairs

The iconic blue chairs first made their appearance around 1900. Fifty years later they were replaced by a more modern range. In 1966 the distinguished French architect and urban planner Jean-Michel Wilmotte designed a third-generation chair. The present model, painted in sky blue to complement the azure waters of the Bay of Angels was placed on the Promenade in 1997. Nice ordered about 2,000 of these very elegant chairs, but only around 700 are left (they were a popular object to steal).
In 2003 the Wilmotte chairs were taken away and they did finally re-emerge after they had been welded together in batches of 10 . . .

Some of the old chairs are used here in the façade of the Modern Art museum in Nice(MAMAC), which has as all municipal museums in Nice a freed admission. By the way this is a large and beautiful museum to visit and its roof terrace has a beautiful view on the city.

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