July 14, 2014

Landing in Nice

Beautiful landing in Nice, France by airplane. Arriving from the direction of Monaco, you first sea the peninsula of Saint Jean Cap Ferrat with the billionaire's houses, then the bay of Villefranche with the big cruiseship, then the green Mont Boron (also called the Cap de Nice), the Port / Harbour of Nice, after which you can see the whole coastline of Nice with the 7 kilometres long world famous Promenade des Anglais. For a nice sea-front accommodation on the Promenade go to www.nicepromenadeapartments.net

March 1, 2014

Pharrell Williams - HAPPY (WE ARE FROM NICE)

February 19, 2012

Nice Carnival 2012 February 18th: Flower parade and illuminated corso

It was on the seafront, along Promenade des Anglais, that the first Flower Parade (Bataille de Fleurs) was held in 1876. Soon, the timid exchanges of bouquets of flowers between the rich winter visitors' decorated carriages developed into a prestigious show, now an integral part of Carnival.

Today,this event promotes the quality and large variety of Riviera flowers as some 90% of flowers used are produced locally.

20 flower covered floats parade along the promenade des Anglais between the Théâtre de Verdure and the Hotel Negresco.

The development and conception of the floats is a long and meticulous task which nonetheless has to be carried out within a very short lapse of time.



February 18, 2012

Nice Carnival 2012 February 17th: Opening festivities

The theme for 2012 is « King of Sport », a reference to the 2012 London Olympics as well as to the sporting dynamism of Nice, France and on a wider scale the planet. The theme is very universal and unifying and will pay tribute throughout the parades to all the competions of 2012!

Download here the full 2 weeks programme Nice Carnival from February 17th to March 4th 2012.

Kickoff Carnival in Nice last night with the King of Sport. The 2 weeks event is likely to attract more than a million spectators from all over the globe.

The Queen of Sport with the Olympic rings

October 22, 2011

Auto Bleue: sublime electric car rental in Nice

Nice is the first city of France where you can rent an electric car through a self-service system 24/7. There are 28 stations now, but this will be extended to 70 in 2012.

How it works:

1. Registration
Go to the Auto Bleue Office at: 17 avenue Thiers, 06000 Nice (in front of SNCF)
Open: Monday to Friday 08:00-19:00, Saturday 08:00-13:30. Register there with your drivers licence and you will get your Auto Bleue card.
You can also register online, but then you have to wait for the post to receive your access card, so it's much easier to go to the office.
The registration costs are 25 euros and it's valid up to 2 years.

2. Reservation:
Go to the website http://www.auto-bleue.org/index.php?lang=en and log in and reserve your car. There are 2 different cars: a small Peugeot iOn or a family Citroen Berlingo.

3. Pick-up:
Pick up your car with your access card / badge. See here how it works. It also explains the drop-off.

Costs are calculated per minute and are 8 euros per hour, 20 euros for 4 hours and 50 euros daily. Insurance included.

Easy and clean transport system for those who like to rent a car. Also for tourists! But please note that at the moment registration is not possible for some states of America where you can drive under the age of 18. With a fully charged car you can drive 100 kilometres.

August 7, 2011

Nice France video

June 23, 2011

Place Masséna: La fontaine du soleil

After 32 years of exile , the statue of Apollo found his original throne on the fountain on Place Masséna.

Apollo, symbolizing the sun, which seems to shine always in Nice, is surrounded by bronze allegories of the planets Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Venus and Earth.

Place Masséna overview

Before returning to his subjects bronze statue of Apollo was given a facelift of 90,000 euros funded by the City.

Detail of the 7 metres marble sculpture of Apollo

The old situation with the big fountain in the middle