April 5, 2009

The 10 most remarkable items on the Prom. Coming on 3: The palm trees

The magnificent seaside promenade runs between the luxury hotels and the beach.
And all in the shadow of the very typical feather duster palms, which is arriving on number 3 in our countdown.
The British started to plant the Phoenix dactylifera and Canariensis in the 19th century, 2 of tho most beautiful types of palm trees, from which there are about 1300 on the Promenade des Anglais.
At night, many of them are illuminated by lights that are incorporated in the lawn in the middle of the avenue. Is a wonderful to walk along the Promenade at night with all the lights, the palm trees, the rustling of the sea...
The picture above and below are some views from the terrace of our 3 double bedroom apartment on the Promenade which we rent for holidays.

Below you can see the palm trees with the Negresco hotel at the background.

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