March 24, 2009

The 10 most remarkable items on the Prom. Coming on 4: The parasailing sports

In summer, there are several locations on the beach where you can pay for a parasailing trip. It gives you one of the most interesting and beautiful views over the sea and the Promenade des Anglais. Watching people pass by wih parachute is nice, but doing it yourself gives you views you will never forget. Note that since 1930 there are this sort of white benches that have a direction to the sea and the Promenade as well. The reason is that it became very important to see and to be seen. Turning their backs to the sea, summer and winter residents would sit and watch other high society residents pass by as they strolled up and down the promenade between a corridor of seats.

This view is only possible from the sea!
You can see here the roof garden on top of the Negresco hotel. The owner of the hotel, Madame Jeanne Augier, is in her late 80's now, but is still very busy to manage the hotel and dedicated to all the fine arts in the hotel that she has collected that makes the hotel a living museum. She lives in the "penthouse" on top of the buildig with the pink dome at the corner included. Click on this image to enlarge it for better views.

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