June 7, 2010

150 years Nice to France (le rattachement)

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the joining of the County of Nice to France, the artist Bernar Venet created a sculpture according to the indications of the mayor Christian Estrosi who wished a monumental work symbolizing the 9 valleys which forms the County of Nice, pointing out at the same time the sea and the mountains. From a 30 meters height, resting on a concrete base of 128 tons and having required 75 tons of steel for these 9 oblique lines, this monument is situated on the Quai des États-Unis. Because it is the point of meeting of the historical heart of the City and of its opening on the sea, it symbolizes, like the 150th anniversary, the rooting in the history and the international opening.

Tv 'stills' from the 31th of May, when the President of France came to inaugurate the monument.

Inauguration by President Sarkozy

In 1960 there has also a monument been built celebrating the 100 years that Nice belongs to France since 1860. It's located at the end of the Jardin Albert Premier, facing the Promenade des Anglais

Another sculpture by Bernar Venet is "Arc of 115.5 Degrees", it can be found between Jardin Albert Premier and Place Masséna.

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