January 21, 2009

The Negresco Hotel

The hotel was built by the Romanian Henri Negrescu and designed by the Dutchman Edouard Niemans and it was Eiffel who designed the steel construction for the glass dome of the Salon Royal in the centre of the building. Here you can watch the chandelier composed of 16,309 Baccarat crystals, originally commissioned by the last Czar of Russia. Exactly the same chandelier is in the Kremlin in Moscow.
The hotel opened in 1913 but was turned into a hospital during the first world war and then fell into the hands of creditors after the war.

In 1957 the hotel was bought by the Augier family. Mrs Jeanne Augier personally decorated all rooms with the most expensive antiques and arts, so staying at Negresco is like living in a museum. Mrs Augier still lives in the Negresco, in the whole upper floor of the building, the pink dome at the corner included.

There are only three portraits in the world of Louis XIV: one in the Louvre museum, Paris, one in Versailles and one in the Negresco hotel. If you are rich and famous, you definitely stayed in the Negresco hotel one time.

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